1. TODO 2024

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1.1. WIP migrate VC off of EC2   opsec vc code

We no longer need to maintain an instance of our forge in AWS now that we have enough compute in-house. will be migrate to rurik on a dedicated pod (requires ubuntu).

1.2. WIP Wireguard VPN   net opsec

Wireguard is a fast, secure, and easy to configure VPN library. All our primary devices have been configured and tested with two available endpoints. Our goal is to migrate all existing devices, then make appropriate accomodations for Podman containers, and finally KVM.

1.3. TBD IO   lisp

io_uring is the Linux library we have chosen to spend some time getting comfortable with and for which we've written incomplete Common Lisp bindings - URING. This library will soon be developed in parallel to the higher-level IO library - similar to the development of ROCKSDB and RDB.

Over the next few months our IO ecosystem will slowly expand. As a short-term goal, we will implement simple binary streams backed by io_uring.

1.4. WIP skel

The pieces are there, just needs glue.

A usable SKEL system is a top priority for this year. To get there we need to give love to many of the underlying core libraries too - most of all cli.

The two top priorities are VC commands and implementing a functional replacement for makefiles as used in the infra project.

1.5. TODO infra

It is time to move away from makefiles and start integrating our own programs into the system bootstrap process. This iteration of the infra project will have a few POSIX shell scripts for checking the host and grabbing a pre-compiled lisp as well as a compressed infra.core image.